We know that to be healthy we need to eat a varied diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and learn to relax. But can doing these things make you healthy as well as wealthy? They won’t on their own but they may contribute to your success.

You Need to be Alert

You can’t do quality work if you feel sluggish or have indigestion. You can’t come up with killer ideas for your business, if you’re suffering from mood swings due to sugar overload. You can’t perform to your mental optimum, if you’ve had a boozy lunch at the pub and are feeling a bit woozy.

The website www.mentalhealth.org.uk lists the following benefits that exercise can bring; less tension, stress and mental fatigue a natural energy boost, improved sleep, a sense of achievement, focus in life and motivation, less anger or frustration, a healthy appetite, better social life and more fun. These are very compelling reasons to develop a fitness routine!

Successful People Are Fit

If you study most well-known entrepreneurs, they’re not overweight but look slim and healthy. Successful business people are unlikely to party all night because they want to be on top form the next day. When you’re making important decisions for your business or career, you need to be mentally alert or you could make an expensive mistake. Whilst if you’re not bursting with energy, you’ll struggle to make it through the day.

This is why you’ll often hear of successful people running or working out in the gym. Duncan Bannatyne is an example of a well-known UK entrepreneur who famously likes to keep fit and attributes part of his success to it. His hobbies include running, climbing, water skiing, and scuba diving. Physical exercise not only keeps you healthy but is a great outlet for stress and aggression. The self-discipline required to stay fit and healthy will not only help to maintain a punishing schedule, but will translate into the discipline of working hard, being organised and having unswerving focus.

Looking Good

Another aspect is that if you look the part then you’re more likely to achieve success. It may seem shallow, but if you have the right image then you’re more likely to be taken seriously and you’ll probably find that clients are drawn to you. If you’re healthy then you’ll look clear-skinned, bright-eyed, and will probably appear a lot younger and more dynamic than your unhealthy counterparts.

What State Are You In?

In addition if you’re in control of your health, then you’re more likely to be in control of the rest of your life. Success in one area leads to success in others, due to increased confidence and the ripple effect. So the state of your physical health could well affect the state of your mental health.

When you weigh up the the benefits (as well as your body!) it’s clear that being healthy is vital to your success. To be outstanding in your career or business you may only need to be one per cent better than your competitors. So don’t neglect an area that could give you that marginal edge you need in your journey to an ideal life.

Random Quote

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”

— Ross Perot
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