You’d like to be fitter and have a svelte shape, but you’re just too tired to exercise. You also wish you had more energy to cope with work, family and hobbies and that you didn’t feel constantly fatigued. Does this sound familiar?

Less Exercise Makes You More Tired

Well I have news for you, the less you exercise, the more tired you get. It sounds paradoxical but it’s one of those strange truths. Being unfit means that walking up the stairs, lugging a suitcase through the airport, or even getting up from an armchair can be tiring. This is because your muscles are flabby and unused to exercise, and they protest when you use them.

Because of this discomfort unfit people are reluctant to exercise, and so they become even more unfit. It’s a vicious spiral which leads to a lack of energy and vitality, and eventually bad health.

More Exercise Makes You Less Tired

The other side of the coin is that the more you exercise, the more energy you will have. When an unfit person goes for a run, or a session at the gym, or even a walk, it can seem tiring. Indeed it is tiring. ‘So how can exercising give me more energy?’ I hear you ask, as you collapse in an exhausted heap.

The answer is that in the short-term exercise will make you more tired. This is one of the initial obstacles which defeat many people. However, if you can get past this stumbling block it gets much easier. After just a week of regular exercise your fitness will start to improve and you will find it less tiring.

Fast Rewards

After just a week or two of regular exercising you will begin to notice that you have more energy in your everyday life. You may find yourself walking a bit faster. You will have more of a spring in your step. You may find that you jump up from a chair instead of hauling yourself up slowly. You will probably have less aches and pains and are also likely to feel more cheerful.

It Has To Be Regular

This is because your body responds quite quickly to exercising, as long as it’s done regularly. In this sense exercising is much more satisfying than trying to lose weight. Losing pounds can take a long time, even if you eat like a bird.. However the rewards of exercise tend to appear very much more quickly. Whilst the feel-good endorphins released by the physical activity will keep you in a much more positive mood.

For example when I took up yoga again after a long gap, I felt as stiff as a board the first time and could not stretch very far at all. The second time was a little easier, but by the third session I found that I was noticeably more flexible.

Start Slow to Win Big

The secret is to start slowly but regularly. The reason exercise falls by the wayside for so many people is that they attempt to do too much, too soon. They then suffer from aches and pains, pulled muscles and exhaustion, which puts them off from repeating the experience.

For the very unfit it’s better to start with a ten minute walk a day and then gradually increase it to twenty minutes a day. When you can manage twenty minutes a day comfortably then you can increase it again and by now you will probably be ready to start a more energetic past-time such as aerobics or jogging.

It May Become An Addiction

Exercise can be very addictive once it becomes a habit. This is because the increase in energy, the improvements in our shape, and the uplift in our mood are a very powerful attraction. Our bodies were meant for exercise, that’s why it feels so good, so don’t sit around complaining that you’re tired. Feel the tiredness and exercise anyway!

CAUTION: Always consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise routine.

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