I want to be a success. You want to be a success. We all know exactly what that means of course. Of course not! One person’s success dream is often another’s nightmare. So what is success?

Is it Money?

Is being successful all about having money? Or is it about having a loving, nurturing relationship? They say money can’t buy you love, but what if you are already in a great relationship but can’t afford the bills? Or maybe you’re okay for a cash and have a great life partner, but your kids are really unhappy?

What if… well you get the idea. As soon as you think of one kind of success, it becomes clear that it wouldn’t suit everyone. There’s no such thing as a universal definition of success.

InspirationGuy.com website is all about helping people find the inspiration to make their lives as happy and fulfilling as possible and then helping us all to be as successful as possible according to our own definitions of success.

You Tell Me

So what is your definition of success? I don’t have the answers to this. You do, and I’m dying (metaphorically speaking, of course) to know what your definition of success is. Is it a new Ferrari? Is it learning a new skill, or conquering your fears?

Tell me now, I can’t wait…

Random Quote

“If you think you can… or if you think you can’t… you’re right.”

— Henry Ford

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