What is it that inspires us? What makes us push past what we think are our boundaries? 

Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired by a visit to Mahatma Gandhi in India during 1959. He wrote: “I left India more convinced than ever before that nonviolent resistance is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people in their struggle for freedom.”

Dr Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geigel) was inspired to write what became his first book by the sound of the boat’s engines during a long and boring sea voyage.

What Inspires You?

So what inspires you? Is it the sound of a songbird, or the urban sounds of the city? What reminds you that you can do more than you expected? Please use the comments box at the bottom of the page to let me know.

What Inspired Me

When I started my web design business over 28 years ago, it was because I was inspired by a specific event that I watched at home one evening.

I was, as usual in the living room, finishing off some work I’d brought home from the office. I stopped to watch our son (then an 11 month old baby) as he struggled to pull himself up from the floor by tugging on the sofa’s upholstery. It was a trick that he’d learnt the day before and as a proud father I paused to watch and grin at him.

This night he did something new. He began to move along the sofa by hanging on with his little hands and shuffling his tiny feet. He was beginning to walk. Except he didn’t do it right away of course. First he fell back down. And fell again. I lost count of how many times.

That’s when I realised that he was also teaching me a lesson. He simply wouldn’t stop. It must have been painful to fall so often. It must have been discouraging, yet he persevered.

Success is Impossible Without 100% Commitment

I had been considering starting my own business for a while, but the fear of losing my salary was a concern and so was the fear of failure. Watching him with his determined little face, reminded me that success is impossible without 100% commitment. Since then, as I built my business, I have had to recall that lesson many times as I worked through the night to meet a client’s deadline, or when I’ve had to learn a new skill at short notice. Total commitment to success means never giving up, ignoring the pain and persevering against the odds. My 11 month-old son knew all about that. Sometimes adults need to be reminded.

What About You?

I’d love to hear your stories. What inspires you? Are you about to embark on a new venture? Have you had to overcome your fears and carry on regardless? Please share your opinions here.

Random Quote

“Change in all things is sweet.”

— Aristotle


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