When my children were young, my role was clear to me. I was here to keep them safe and teach them how the world works. Now I’m older I realise that I was wrong.

When I came across this rather wonderful comment by William Arthur Ward in our database of inspirational quotations the other day, it really made me think about my relationship with our children:

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.”

William Arthur Ward

Like many parents, pretty soon after they were born my children began to teach me. Certainly, I have tried to guide them but I have learned so much more than I expected. Watching them learn to walk has taught me about persistence. Watching them explore their world has taught me the real meaning of patience.

They’re still teaching me today and it made we think about the nature of relationships.

What have you learned from your friends, children or partner?

Random Quote

“He that would be a leader must also be a bridge.”

— Welsh proverb
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