Today I squeezed an elephant into a bottle. Yesterday I ran ten thousand leagues. Tomorrow I’m going to wrestle a gorilla. That’s my life, but it’s nothing compared to yours.

We Are Amazing

Every day, people all over the world do the impossible just to keep going. The parent who lets go of a child’s hand on their first day of school knows how to do the impossible. The salesperson going to see a new client after the fifteenth rejection knows how to do the impossible. The couple sitting at their kitchen table, deciding to start a business in a recession know how to do the impossible.

We’re all Heroes

We all have our limits and they’re different for each of us. I might get nervous standing on a chair, but every day in my business and as a parent I climb metaphorical mountains that would have horrified me years ago. The drive and determination that motivates me is no stronger than the grit that you exercise when you overcome your daily challenges. Many people are weighed down by a level of debt that would crush others, yet they go to their second or third job of the day because they are the ones who have to do it. There are millions of people living right now in conditions that would horrify us if we allowed ourselves to think about it. It would seem impossible to us but, they just get on with life. It’s not just the life-riskers and the uniformed gun-carriers that are heroes.You don't have to wear a uniform to be a hero. We are all capable of living our ideal life. Believe in yourself. #MentalHealth #inspiration Share on X

A teenager facing their first exam is no less stressed than you when you have to stand in front of your bosses and deliver your first ever PowerPoint presentation. Spare a thought for someone walking into a job interview today. Spare another for those who have no chance of getting a job interview, but struggle onward.

The Next Step: Choice

So today, when you are faced with that daily choice of salad or cake remember that we are all facing daily challenges. It may seem an impossible task to lose that weight, but you know that you’ve already done the impossible countless times in your life before. Remind yourself of those times and decide that today you will drag up the courage and do the impossible: ask for that date; take the stairs instead of the lift; ask your manager to consider you for promotion. Wrestle that gorilla.

Because nothing is impossible for us.

Random Quote

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

— John F. Kennedy

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