Quotes about Wisdom

Quotes About Wisdom

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“Money is a good servant but a bad master.”

— Sir Francis Bacon

“When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them.”

— Plato

“All great achievements require time.”

— Maya Angelou

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”

— Denis Waitley

“Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.”

— Euripides

“The essence of philosophy is that a man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.”

— Epictetus

“A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behaviour is patience and moderation.”

— Moliere

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”

— Steve Maraboli

“Be polite to all, but intimate with few.”

— Thomas Jefferson

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

— George Washington
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Wisdom is a peculiar thing. You can’t fully define it, you can’t buy it, but we all want to acquire it.

It is an accumulation of lessons learned by life experience, which is probably why it is unique to each of us. Yet, for those of us seeking to live our ideal lives, we need to try to learn from the wisdom of others whilst we try to develop our own.

Welcome to my constantly growing, curated collection of quotations about wisdom.

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