It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July for you to declare your independence. Make every day your personal independence day by rejecting limiting beliefs and attitudes.

How to Declare Independence Today

Take charge of your future by declaring independence from anything that holds you back. Dclare yourself free from other peple’s negativity, from your own self doubts, from imposter syndrome. You don’t need any of that. You are more than enough. You matter more than other people’s opinions because only your opinion matters.

  • Declare independence from feeling inferior to anyone else (you are as good as anyone else on this planet)
  • Declare independence from being uncertain about your ability to succeed (only you can make your success)
  • Declare independence from your negative past (your past does not define your future)
  • Declare independence from other people’s doubts about you (they don’t know that you are the captain of your own ship)
  • Declare independence from your fear of failure (every mistake is a stepping stone, not a stopping stone)
  • Declare independence from your need for perfection (you don’t need it to be perfect before you start)
  • Declare independence from other people’s negative attitudes (they don’t know how amazing you are)
  • Declare independence from distrust (trust yourself & allow yourself to consider the possibility that some others are on your side)
  • Declare independence from prejudice (the discrimination of others limits them not you)
  • Declare independence from doubts about the future (you make your life, don’t make it a limited one)
  • Declare independence from a lifetime’s training in inadequacy (you’re better than that)
  • Declare independence from lack of skills (learn, practise, master)

The Next Step

Declare independence from anything or anyone that is holding you back from being as successful as you want to be. In whatever area of life you want. It’s your life and you are in charge. Independence means never having to ask permission to life your life, the way you want. Declare your independence today. Tomorrow, declare it again and keep doing it for the rest of your life, no matter how old or young you are today.

Random Quote

“Business is a combination of war and sport.”

— Andre Maurois

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